Mama Bear comes to town

I could barely contain my excitement in the days leading up to Mom’s visit. There were so many things happening here in Singapore—a surprise party to plan, a friend’s play to attend, a project kickoff at work, and several going away parties in the span of days. But all I could think about was her glorious arrival at Changi Airport, and finally that day came!

I went to pick Mom up at Changi, and could barely believe my eyes when I saw in her in the flesh. I was amazed at how beautiful she looked! Obviously we both cried and hugged for a very long time. I was so happy to finally have a family member with me in Singapore. It had been months since I last saw any Hayden, far too long. We got her SIM card sorted right away, then grabbed a bite to eat at the airport so we could sit down and catch up a bit.

After arriving home with all three suitcases in tow, we immediately popped open a bottle of champagne that I had ordered and clinked to a wonderful trip ahead. So many adventures to be had during her five weeks here: Melbourne, Sydney and Bali (with a celebrity appearance by Larissa Hayden).

Like all good trips with Mom, we started things off with a visit to IKEA. There we picked up some odds and ends for my apartment, and headed back home. I was working from home so I needed to be online for a bit longer, but I wrapped up in the early evening and then we headed out on the town.

The first night, I took Mom to Mustard, an Indian restaurant in Singapore that is beloved by my foodie colleague. Prata, dimer, biryani, prawn masala, and of course, all the naan. We feasted like queens, then walked around Little India to explore some of the shops and surrounding neighbourhood sites.

I worked from home the rest of the week so Mom and I could spend time together during the day, as the upcoming weeks were going to be quite busy at work. We spent the rest of the week shopping (sorry Dad), walking around the marina and downtown areas, checking out the Helix Bridge and other Singapore sites. But our week cannot be recapped properly without mentioning our visit to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore’s super luxe hotel with breathtaking views from atop its rooftop bars and pool. We paid our admission to get up top, which included a drink at the bar and (magically) turned into three. Cheers!

But Mom didn’t get too comfortable in Singapore—after just four days on the island, we hopped a redeye to our first adventure: Melbourne!

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One thought on “Mama Bear comes to town

  1. Your blog is fantastic-words and pics both! Well done to you- I felt like I was shadowing you all through this whole adventure (in a totally non-stalkerish way mind you!) What a great adventure you Mom Matt and Larissa had spreading the Hayden love down there-an epic summer for you all indeed!


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