F1 Weekend

Prior to this past weekend, I would’ve believed anyone who had told me F1 was a Swedish/German industrial manufacturing conglomerate, or a specially-produced baby formula sold exclusively in Asia. But alas, Formula One, the Singapore Grand Prix, is the “highest class of single-seat auto racing that is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile.” Super classy. I still can’t give you the granular specifics of what it is or how it works, but I can report that it’s an incredibly fun weekend filled with concerts, parties, sweet cars, and one of the most epic weekends you can have in Singapore.

Originally, I was meant to travel to Hoi An, Vietnam, for a little solo weekend holiday. But work was absolute insanity last week with an impending presentation on the 22, and several hours before my flight, I received news of this fast and hurricane typhoon headed towards central Vietnam. Likely didn’t mean much direct damage for Hoi An, but I didn’t want to risk it (or spend the weekend sitting in the hotel while it poured outside). So I pushed back my flight and hotel dates to the weekend of the 29 (get ready for an epic blog post to follow there).

I chalked it up as a win-win, as I didn’t go to F1 last year and wanted to experience it once during my time on the island. Connor had an epic friend in town named MJ, who also had two of her own friends in town, so I bought myself a walkabout ticket and the five of us headed to Potato Head for some pre-race drinks. From there, we headed down to Circuit Park, stopping to take some photos near the marina and take in the wonderful view.

Part of F1 weekend means seeing some international superstar performances, with big names Ariana Grande and the Chainsmokers on the ticket for Saturday. We caught most of the Ariana Grande show, before deciding that since we were at the race, we should check out some of the cars. There’s really not much to post about here because I have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to racing, but the cars are very fast and look cool. I don’t know who won. Jeff Gordon is apparently not involved in any way. Back to the music!

Next up were the Chainsmokers, the DJ duo who are 50% graduates of Syracuse University! They put on a great show too, and were able to keep the energy of the crowd up for the entire set. It’s always great to see a fellow alumni doing big things, particularly because the guy in the Chainsmokers used to DJ at parties quite a bit back at school. The backdrop of the stage was best, though: across the street from the National Gallery, and in front of a beautifully-lit skyline of downtown Singapore. We stayed until 1AM before heading out to get some more drinks and wrapping up the evening.

Super fun weekend, so happy I was able to check out the adrenaline-packed weekend that is F1 in Singapore. Maybe next year I’ll even be able to tell you who won. 🙂

Some photos from F1 weekend:

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