I’m a pro(fessional)

Sometimes I write in a personal context (this blog), and other times I write in a professional context.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a thought piece for Interbrand. It’s part of a larger study called Growing Brands in Southeast Asia 2018, on growing brands in Southeast Asia, exploring key challenges and opportunities for marketers looking to build strong brands in the region.

Interbrand released the study Friday, consisting of four articles (one high-level introductory article and three more in-depth pieces) that focus on different challenges and solutions brands here are facing (e.g., attracting and maintaining top talent). The article I wrote is on creating brand experiences across SE Asia’s fragmented markets, which you can find here:

Achieving growth by optimising customer experiences

Our office also hosted a launch event for the study, with one keynote presentation and three breakout (smaller group) sessions on the three different topics outlined in the study. I lead the breakout session about creating compelling brand experiences with a group of 26 key decision makers (mainly Chief Marketing Officers) from organisations around the region.

This isn’t a typical blog post for me, but I figured you might enjoy reading it if you’re interested in the brand/marketing/management world. Or, if you’re my mom or my dad.


Some photos from the launch event of this study (including my breakout session lecture):