Your 2020 holiday guide: Black-owned businesses

Black-owned businesses right now have disproportionately shuttered amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One way to support these businesses and people is to do your holiday shopping at local, Black-owned shops. While I could never compete with the shopping list Beyoncé assembled, I’ve been scouring through a few lists of Black-owned brands to find gifts for all types of people on your shopping list; from kids to bookworms and (almost) everything in between. And make sure to wrap all your goodies in Izzy & Liv gift wrap: they are a Black and female-owned business that will have your loved ones feel the love even before they unwrap their gifts.

I hope you enjoy the list; I’ll be compiling another one focused on small businesses in the coming weeks. As ever, if there are any brands I missed, please leave a comment below. Happy shopping! #BLM

For the wellness guru

  • Vegan disinfectant toilet tablets for the neat freaks among us. No shame.
  • Footnanny Footcare kit, because everyone’s feet deserve a little TLC.
  • Matcha turmeric latte blend. Say it with me now: ‘Ommmm.’
  • Eye serum to rest those weary eyes after all the Netflix binging they’ve been doing this year. Be honest.
  • For the skincare obsessed, Glory Skincare offers custom subscription boxes featuring quality skincare products. Eat your heart out!
  • A marble body brush that will help them reap the nervous system-soothing benefits associated with dry brushing. Necessary in 2020!
  • A two-in-one hair and body oil. Boom. Never underestimate the power of a combo product.
  • A deliciously-scented body butter from Sula NYC, where the founder is a wonderful family friend!

For the wine-o or cocktail aficionado

  • From $25, Maison Noir wines are fantastic for the oenophile on your list.
  • The McBride sisters have released new wines right in time for the holidays, including the fabulous Black Girl Magic champagne!
  • Buy a bottle of vino from the Brown Estate and you’ll be supporting the first Black-owned winery in the Napa Valley.
  • Uncle Nearest’s 1884 Premium Whiskey is perfect for the whiskey lover in your life (and the company is entirely female-owned!).
  • This Moscow Mule Cocktail Kit for anyone who’s missed the fun (and taste) of an expertly crafted bar drink in 2020.

For those who prefer coffee or tea

  • Red Bay Coffee rules. Not only is the company dedicated to ensuring its coffee production is high quality and sustainable, but they are also a vehicle for diversity, economic restoration, and environmental sustainability. 
  • A Blair Glass Tea Infuser Mug With Lid, because there’s almost nothing more mesmirizing than watching tea brew.
  • A bag of Cantave De Saint Marc Coffee Kafe Miel will deliver “a medium body and tiny notes of chocolate and caramel” to your recipient’s cup in the morning. Sounds delightful!
  • BLK & Bold offers a a variety of five-star rated blends, and they company pledges to give 5% of their profits to support at-risk youth.
  • Unfiltered raw honey by Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a sweet gift for anyone who likes drinking their tea or coffee extra sweet.

For the diehard foodie

  • A beautiful Makaua Medium Frutero Basket to show off all those farmer’s market finds.
  • A ceramic Yowie Blue Morning Bowl from Yowie, which sources from local artists and has a small line of in-house designs.
  • Tamarind date or coconut cilantro chutney hot sauces from Basbaas, which will spice up anyone’s life.
  • Remix waffle mix will make Sunday brunch that much better. (Available in GF, too!)
  • Chocolate chip cookie mix that’s described by one blog as ‘smoky’. Curiosity, piqued.
  • Kyvan Foods is a small, family-owned business that makes foods that look unbelievably delicious, like sweet potato vinaigrette and honey apple butter. The friend that discovered the kitchen in 2020? Check.

For the Home Goods loyalty member

  • There are candles, and then there are candles that smell like gingerbread and pine. Shop the Forvr Mood holiday gift set for ultimate winter coziness.
  • “An ode to jazz, thru wax.” The candles from Olphactory Candles are perfect for your music-loving friend with minimalist style. Use the code DASHOFJAZZ for 20% off your order.
  • This beautiful piece of art that will bring personality to any bare wall (and won’t break the bank).
  • Is there a recipe they are obsessed with? Send it to this Etsy seller and she’ll have it engraved on this charming wood cutting board.
  • Southern Lifestyle Co is a family-owned business that makes stylish yet functional kitchen accessories. Perfect for your new homeowner friend.

For the beauty addict

For the accessory junkie

  • Etched stackable rings or necklace by linguaNigra to give your loved ones a simple – but standout – accessory.
  • An initial bracelet from Aglow Accessories, founded by sweet sisters Brittany and Nicole.
  • Beautiful earrings from On This Rock Jewelry, founded by Janet Hill Talbert ‘to inspire and encourage.’ I think we could all use a bit of that in 2020, right?
  • Gold-plated freshwater pearl huggie earrings from Stella and Hass, a Black- and female-owned brand that’s available on Amazon Prime. Come through, same-day shipping!
  • Quite literally anything from Oma the Label if you’re looping for a more luxe touch. I love the founder and owner’s (Neumi Anekhe) style!

For the champions of #SelfCare

For the new or expecting parent

  • The A is for Activist book that teaches children about the importance of fighting for social justice, environmental justice, civil rights, and LGBTQ rights — plus all 26 letters of the alphabet. This book is on pre-order for my non-existent future children.
  • The All Because You Matter book, which Amazon describes as a ‘A lyrical, heart-lifting love letter to Black and brown children everywhere: reminding them how much they matter, that they have always mattered, and they always will.’ Yes!
  • Handmade (and adorably illustrated) organic cotton baby and toddler clothing from Yinibibi Baby.
  • Stylish and comfort baby shoes from Tippy Tot Shoes.
  • A handcrafted headbow from Because of Zoe, because they’re THE CUTEST.
  • Postpartum bath soak for new moms, because they deserve it!

For your grown-up nieces and nephews

For everyone that adopted a pandemic puppy

A big thanks to Dash of Jazz, All the Pretty Birds, Buzzfeed, the New York Times, and New York Magazine (and here), which I used in part to create this list.

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